The Company That’s Pioneering Engineering

To celebrate #ThisIsEngineeringDay, we thought we’d head over to Horncastle in Lincolnshire to visit, Polypipe Civils, to find out more about the experts behind modular engineered drainage and water systems.


Working in engineering is an exciting career choice with a variety of different career paths to explore, so why is it that the UK is facing a significant shortage of aspiring engineers?

Root2 Recruit provides recruitment services for a wide range of clients throughout Greater Lincolnshire, the East Midlands and the rest of the UK.

Do you know what prosthetic limbs, YouTube, clean water, cosmetics, and biodegradable alternatives to plastic have in common? They’re all products that engineers have played a critical role in creating, but that’s something that is likely to come as a surprise to many people!

#ThisIsEngineeringDay is a campaign challenging the misconceptions around pursuing a career in engineering, showcasing the ever-growing innovation of modern engineering. Targeting the next era of leaders, #ThisIsEngineering demonstrates how the field of engineering is a driving force behind a multitude of things, such as fashion, sport and technology.

Some of the Root2 team headed over to Horncastle in Lincolnshire to visit a client of ours, Polypipe Civils, to find out more about what their busy workforce get up to!

For an peak behind the scenes photos of Polypipe Civils’ expert engineers, click HERE!


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