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    Temporary Recruitment


Recruiting temps with the skills you need 

Did you know that as well as our award-winning, fixed-fee price model, at Root2 Recruit we also assist our clients in finding the perfect temps for their business needs. There are always going to be times when permanent positions are open and roles are needing to be filled, however now and again businesses may find that they’re in need of quick cover in unexpected cases of sickness, absence or just particularly busy periods. This is where the trusty replacement, the temporary employee, comes in.

Our highly trained and dedicated recruitment specialists meet, reference and assess all our temporary candidates to get each client the right support when needed. We build a temp workforce in each of our specialist sectors and support employers from all areas of business, so regardless of the type of candidate you’re after, Root2 Recruit have got you covered! View our Sectors page to find out more on the typical sectors we tend to work closely with and provide support. 

If you’re looking to hire temps or find short-term work, there are plenty of strategic advantages worth considering if you’re thinking about jumping on board with temporary recruitment. If you’re looking to hire temporary staff, here’s our Root2 Recruit Guide on ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring Temps‘ to get you started! 


The benefits of Temporary Recruitment

Temporary staff are used to being in a mix of working environments, so short-term employees are able to quickly adapt their skills to learn their designated role and the etiquette of the business, without needing too much of a nudge in the right direction.

It’s always encouraging to see new faces to connect with and sometimes it takes just one fresh perspective to positively change the way a business operates. Having worked in a multitude of businesses amongst a contrast of people, temps can bring along new knowledge and positive attitudes into a workplace, and may even introduce wider perspectives and ideas your own team might have not yet considered. 

Perhaps the most widely acknowledged quality of employing Temps is that they’re flexible. Having a temp or two on speed dial means you can respond quickly to any issues as they happen, meaning you’re never left short of staff or business.

Cost Effectiveness
Temporary employees are by definition a temporary solution. Typically paid on an hourly rate, short-term workers don’t require an annual salary or the benefits and perks of a job, so hiring a temporary employee can be massively cost effective to both you and your business.

Looking for TEMPS?

If your business is looking to hire temps or you’re actively searching for temporary employment, give the Root2 Recruit team a call now on  01507 311161, or, let us know when’s a good time for us to call you by clicking the button below!