Graduate / Junior Developer

Graduate /Junior Developer


£22k – £24k (DOE)

This is an excellent opportunity to work for a great company with a strong reputation that really values its team, offers great working conditions and pays what you deserve.

They’re looking for a developer showing good potential and a keen interest in PHP, that they can train and nurture into an experienced and highly skilled team mate.

With the exception of Shopify development, PHP is at the core of whatever they work on. They make web-applications / web-software, ecommerce sites and websites. They do integrations and make a lot of custom build projects – most commonly with Laravel.

They aim to find someone with a solid foundation in programming fundamentals and a good aptitude to learn because tech is always changing and they like to be at the forefront.

Most work will be PHP with HTML and frameworks such as Tailwind, Vue, Alpine, among others. They love Laravel but they work with many frameworks, platforms and languages. For ecomm they use Shopify (custom coded themes and apps) or go full-custom build. The job will involve both frontend and backend. They’re always looking at what’s next, new and modern approaches to dev.

Salary is based on skill / experience with bonuses on top.

Graduate to Junior ~ £22k to £24k + bonuses

While WFH from time to time is part of their flexible approach, they are strictly not accepting remote workers. This is a position for a Lincoln based developer who will be able to attend local meetings in person and enjoys collaborating with team mates in an office environment.

They are ideally looking for full time but may consider part time for the right candidate.

The overview:

● 35 hour working week (full time)

● 30+ days holiday per year (a well rested dev is a happy dev)

● City centre location – Enterprise building near the Brayford

● Flexible working around life (haircuts, dentist, old friend visiting…)

● Sit/stand motorised desk

● Choice of environment / software on a new machine (Mac or PC)

● Training and support (and encouragement) to become an experienced dev

● Huge variety of projects and clients – no chance of boredom

Kind of work they do:

● Web apps/software like custom order systems, CRMs, company management systems

● eCommerce clients with turnovers from £5k+/month to £1m+/month

● Custom trade/wholesale sites with integrated payment gateways

● eLearning custom sites or campaign & engagement websites for national football names

● Event sites with custom chat and video calling integrated

● Integrations / API work / Payment gateways / Feeds

Those wishing to apply would be advised to research the company, Laravel and PHP as a core language.